Sound of Swan


With 2015 marking the 25th year of Punya Srinivas’ musical career, Purple Note proudly presents Sound of Swan. Her debut album by Purple Note.

Veena in Vienna, which was well appreciatedand gained excellent comments, is credible proof that an Indian instrument can be well attuned to western notes. It has seven of the best composers in the music fraternity lend their mastery to make the album a phenomenal hit.

Punya Srinivas is the first recipient of the Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar Award for Classical Instrumental Music Veena awarded by Sangeet Natak Akademi in 2011. Punya’s passion and quest to innovate on the veena, whether traditional or progressive, displays a complete command over the instrument and a thirst for versatility. Her rendition of ragas and compositions reveal her sensibility for the musical expressions they deliver.

She has co-participated with renowned musicians like Ravi Shankar, John McLaughlin, Mandolin U. Srinivas, Rashid Khan, George Harrison, Zakir Hussain, Ranjit Barot, Matthew Garrison, Tim Garland, Aydin Essan, and Hariharan.

Album Name: Sound of Swan
Recording Studios: Sound Tech Media, Berachah Studios, Music Lounge & Voice and Vision Studio
Recording Engineers: Manoj Kumar, Lewis, Anuji, Maniratnam, Ranjith, Ragesh, Lijesh Kumar
Mixed & Mastered by Manoj Kumar at Sound Tech Media


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