Ancient Sounds


Panchavadyam is categorised as Deva Vadyam, the music of the Gods. It is the most anticipated musical performance of the year. As long as anyone can remember, the Panchavadyam has been part of the annual celebrations at the Ayalur temple, along with the lighter, faster Melam. In the Malayala Sambrudayam (Malayali societal tradition), these two arts are believed to be alangaaram (a decorative tribute) to the Gods. Experts will tell you that Melam has kaalam (timing) and taalam (beat). Their voices grow softer as they say, “Panchavadyam has layam.” Layam, which literally means speed or tempo, has acquired other connotations down the ages, and now denotes a sense of congruence of rhythm.

Album Name: Ancient Sounds
Recorded at: On Location at Ayalur Temple
Recording Engineers: Yotam Agam, Abijit Rao, Aabir Mazumdar
Mixed and Mastered By: Yotam Agam and Rachel D’rozario at Clementine Studio Chennai


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