Purplenote is a contemporary non-film music label. Our vision is to seek, fund, produce and market contemporary Indian artists. We work with artists who are unsigned with other labels and help them get their first album out. Purplenote has been set up in 2010 with an initial investment with Rs. 50 lakhs. It is a division of SPI Music, owned by the visionary Managing Directors Mr. Kiran Reddy and Mr. Swaroop Reddy. SPI Music is a Chennai-based company in other music business, notably, Think Music, a label that works with film-music exclusively.

In any music business, the artistic vision of the music lies with the artists, but in our country, the trend of partnerships between music directors and music directors has been very successful – dictating the kind of music that is produced. This does not in anyway impede on the independent artist’s movement into mainstream music; we already see that many bands and artists have been successful in getting their work noticed in the past. But they have been few in number.

We understand the hurdles and barriers faced by the artists, we understand how to market them and we assist them in production and recording. We understand new technology and new ways that consumers access content, therefore we load the content on a global platform. As part of the effort to promote these artists, we also take a philanthropic stand on the revenues and we share revenue from the sales of the their content. We also follow international guidelines of copyright management and allow the artist, the creator of the content to own the copyright to the content. Copyright ownership of creative content is a concept that not adhered to even by the biggest of music directors today in the film music industry. Purplenote will remain a talent promotion label only, we believe that if the content is of superior quality, and if the marketing strategy is accurate, the result will be a successful music album.